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MACMLONE™ Heatless Hair Curling Set (Hair Damage-Free)

MACMLONE™ Heatless Hair Curling Set (Hair Damage-Free)

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Now create beautiful and voluminous curls without damaging your hair and spending 30-40 minutes on hair curling irons.

Just use Heatless Hair Curling Set By Macmlone, This hair curling set creates long-lasting and beautiful curls overnight in a very easy way.


HASSLE-FREE, Very Easy To Use

Simply wrap your hair around the no-heat hair curler and secure it with the included scrunchies, then just sleep overnight with Heatless Hair Curling Set and wake up with beautiful curls in the morning.

Long Lasting Results Without Any Special Skills,

MACMLONE™ Heatless Hair Curling Set (Hair Damage-Free) gives long-lasting results which lasts till the next day

And the best part is you don't need any type of a special skill to achieve these results.


How To Use Heatless Hair Curling Set?

1. Place curling ribbon on top of damp or dry hair and use your favorite Claw Clip to secure in place.

2. Begin wrapping half of your hair around, starting with a section at the top of your head. Secure the ends of your hair with a scrunchie and repeat on the other side.

3. wear overnight. To remove, take off the scrunchies and loosen the hair, pulling ribbon out from the top.

4. Now Say hello to gorgeous curly hair!

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